Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Busy Time of Year

Oops, I hadn't realised I'd left blogging so long, it's been nearly a month! I haven't been able to post my latest commissions on here as they've all been Christmas or birthday surprise presents but I've been busy working away on them all. And I'm excited to say that we're finally moving into our own home next week. It could have been better timed but luckily I've figured in the move into all my commissions so it will hopefully all work out okay. We've rented houses for years so I can't wait to be a home owner but fingers crossed things don't start to break once we've moved as we'll no longer have a landlord to pay for repairs!

I'm also hoping to put some paintings into some exhibitions that are coming up so once I've found out whether they've been accepted, I will post about where and when the exhibitions are.