Monday, 30 November 2009

Latest Commission and Donkey!

Here is my latest commission, Archie, canvas size 14x18".

Archie was an absolute pleasure to paint. It was a great photo plus he's a very handsome horse. His coat had loads of interesting colours to put in including purples and pinks. You learn to pick up on all these different colours when you've been painting for a while. Also, their surroundings are often reflected in their coats, especially when working on full body paintings and you will be able to pick up on blues on their upper halves from the sky and greens on their undersides if they're stood on grass.

I also had a chance to produce this little donkey painting. I actually started it last year in the hope of making it into Christmas cards as I was going to add a bunch of mistletoe to the card hanging up in the top right hand corner but I never got very far with the painting. It's a small painting for me, canvas size 10x12" and it was great fun to do. Donkeys are so cute and a real favourite of mine so I might try and do some more paintings in the future. I'm also thinking of getting this painting made in to prints so keep an eye on my Limited Edition Prints shop. The original is now available for sale as well so if you're interested, please contact me.