Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Latest Commission

Well, I'm back at last! :-D It's been a while since my last posting on here but I had been really busy with a big painting only to completely forget to take a photo of the finished version! It was a painting for a wedding so I'm waiting to hear from the bride to see if she can get a photo of the painting for me, but of course she's on honeymoon at the moment. Meanwhile, I have just finished another commission, which is of William, another very handsome Cocker Spaniel. This painting was size 12x16". His owner won the prize of having his portrait painted in a raffle to raise money for Cockers Online which is a brilliant source of information about all things Cocker Spaniel and also a great place to talk with owners. Here is the painting of William.

Commissions are finally starting to pick up which is great as it's been a very quiet year with the recession and I had been worrying! Although bizarrely I still haven't had any enquiries about Christmas so I hope people aren't leaving it to the last minute! I also need to work on some of my own equestrian paintings, especially as I have been invited to be part of a permanent exhibition at the Ascot Jockey Club and I currently only have a couple of paintings they can display! I sometimes wish I could paint quicker but then I wouldn't enjoy it so much!