Thursday, 5 February 2009

Denman & Kauto Star

Amazingly, even though we had loads of snow last night and therefore my hubby couldn't get to work, I didn't drag him outside to build lots of snowmen and have massive snowball fights with anyone who walked past our house, instead I sat down and painted. It could, however, be something to do with the short amount of time I have left to work on 3 exhibition paintings plus my commissions and I am worrying that my exhibition paintings might not have time to get framed before going on show.

We did manage to go for a lovely long walk in the snow this morning and I've some great photos as it was absolutely stunning out there. I live in the Forest of Dean and we walked around Soudley Ponds and then up into the forest.

Our cottage is over to the far right of the picture.

Soudley Ponds

Me attempting an arty shot!

Fresh virgin snow, untouched until we tramped through it!

So pretty!!!

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