Monday, 8 December 2008

Art Horse Magazine - International Equine Art Competition

I took the decision earlier this year to enter lots of competitions and it turned out to be a good idea! A few months back I entered some of my paintings into the International Equine Art Competition held by the Art Horse Magazine and today I found out that my painting of Alert won the Directors Choice Award, it also came 2nd in the painting category and my painting of The Stare came 7th! They're also going to be including my painting of Meandering in the book that they publish after the competition and my images will be in their magazine!! Very exciting!! Click here to go to their competition page and also see the other amazing artists that I am very humbled to be amongst.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally, I was just looking at the other artists included in the Ex Arte show, you do lovely work and happy to be among such a talented group. Congrats to you!


Sally Lancaster said...

Hi Jennifer

Thanks for your lovely comments. I've just been having a nose at your website and love what you do plus I'm very jealous of your new studio!! I wish I had an opportunity like that over here instead of working out of my guest bedroom!


Lene said...

Congratulations, extremely well done !!! - seeing your paintings before, I am not surprised with your succes :)