Monday, 17 March 2008


Here is Reggie, my latest commission. I normally include all the neck and chest but realised I'd made a huge mistake when taking the photos for this painting and had forgotten to get Reggie's stable rug taken off! So, to make my life easier I decided to crop his neck and chest slightly with a soft edge.

I always take photos of my paintings outside in decent light. Our house is cream in colour so I stand my easel at a slight angle facing the house so that the sunlight bounces back from the house onto the painting, but the angle means it's not direct light reducing the chance of light reflection. Also, now that I varnish my paintings (thanks Laura!! :-D) with matt varnish, this has dramatically decreased the problems I had with light reflection as I take the photos after at least the first coat of varnish.


Amanda Hamilton said...

Sally I just found my way to your website thanks to your brother in Ecademy and I simply want to say that my jaw fell OFF in admiration of your work ...

I have done a couple of horse commissions myself, but when I opened up your horse page I honestly thought I was looking at beautiful photographs ...

GOOD LUCK - and if you make it into Ecademy, I will introduce you to a couple of women there who may well be able to support you.

Amanda Hamilton

Sally Lancaster said...

Hi Amanda

I assume that it was Ian who's in Ecademy? I have 3 brothers to choose from! :-D

Thanks so much for your comments and having had a nose at your website, same back at ya! I love your paintings of Cornwall and Spain, really original and beautifully done.

I'll have a look at Ecademy because I've never heard of it before, and might have to ask my brother about it because it looks a bit daunting!