Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Badminton & Latest Commission

On Saturday I was very lucky to go to the cross country stage of Badminton Horse Trials. The cross country is my favourite stage and even though this is my third time to watch it at Badminton, it never ceases to amaze me how talented (or crazy!!) these riders are. The fences are HUGE! I was lucky enough to go with another equestrian artist, Laura Barber-Riley and we made the most of our time, taking loads of photos, spending the entire day out on the course. Unfortunately, my camera which is excellent for portrait photos, isn't up to the job of movement photos so my photos haven't turned out to be usable for paintings, probably also not helped by the photographer! But Laura has got some great photos and I'm hoping to sneak a couple from her to produce paintings from. It's also spurred me on to go to more horse trials and, if I ever get the spare cash, to buy a camera that can cope!!

And this is my latest commission, Daniel, 14x18" canvas. He is the brother of Charlotte, a previous commission and was great fun to do. I don't get to paint many people so really enjoy them, especially kids as they have such beautiful smooth skin and great smiles. Just wish I could get more to do!

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