Tuesday, 16 September 2008

I'm a winner!

Makes a change from me normally being a loser! :-D I got an email today from the Society of All Artists to say I had won a set of the new Atelier Interactive Acrylics which is very exciting! Luckily the competition I entered wasn't dependant on my painting ability, instead I had to say in no more than 100 words why the new acrylics would benefit my art (I think that was it anyway, it seems like so long ago that I entered it!) and all I can think is that no one else entered the competition because I won one of the sets of paints! These new acrylics don't dry as quickly as old acrylics, allowing for more working on the canvas, better blending and reworking areas of the painting. I can't wait to get these paints and start to use them - I love working in acrylic, it's because of the medium that I am able to produce such detail but I do have certain issues with the immediacy of the drying time, I have to paint over certain areas that need changing instead of just reworking and blending can be tricky to master so I hope that these new acrylics will be the answer. This is the second time I've won some paints - the first time I was at school and entered a painting competition with Kellogs Cornflakes and won some paints. It's still as exciting winning today!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, well done!! You are going from strength to strength!!

Pet Portrait Artists said...

Yeay!!!! Wel done Sal!!