Thursday, 4 September 2008

Exmoor Pony - Take Two

This is the other of the two Exmoor Pony paintings I produced. I completely forgot to take photos during the work in progress and it's taken until today to get a photo as it's been raining non stop for days now. I quickly ran outside whilst the sun appeared for five minutes. I didn't realise but there's a shadow at the top right hand side of the painting which I can only assume was one of our cats who followed me outside when they realised it was finally not raining and they wouldn't get wet! Izzy, our girl cat, is especially useless when it's raining and you know that as soon as it starts to drizzle, she'll be in through the cat flap within seconds.


Anonymous said...

I love this picture, any chance of making it into cards? JA

Sally Lancaster said...

I could do, I hadn't thought that far ahead but keep a look out on my blog and website to see if I do! :-D