Thursday, 28 February 2008

Power and Grace

This is no 5, Power and Grace, a stunning Andalusian. The photography was beautiful, many thanks to Linda on Wetcanvas for letting me use her image for this painting. A lot of detail was involved but I haven't had that much detail to do on my last paintings so really enjoyed all the little fiddly bits! The size of this painting is 12x12" on a box canvas.

I'm currently on the last painting but my motivation still hasn't turned up so I am struggling a bit. It's probably because it's so close to the deadline and I'm subconsciously panicking but I'll hopefully get it done!


Anonymous said...

Wow, the detail is absolutely stunning!

Costescu said...

Beautiful! I think this one is one of my favorites, just amazing. You captured the power and grace of this horse perfectly.

Sally Lancaster said...

Thank you! I have this strange fascination with doing lots of detail so really enjoyed doing this painting plus it was SUCH a stunning horse!!